Why do I have problems submitting through or using your website?

If you face issues (technical or otherwise) in using our webforms, or utilising some of our online features, often times, these are either due to human error or technical issues beyond our control.

Webpages contain numerous codes and scripts to enable them to appear and run properly in an internet web browser. There are numerous internet web browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer; Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad Safari and Firefox. Each webpage can appear and/or function differently on different internet browser. Different versions of a web browser may also affect the appearance and/or functionality of a webpage.

Our website should be able to work properly on most major web browsers (mostly the later versions). However, based on our experience, there are still occasional technical issues that may arise as different web browsers are built differently. Therefore, they may have compatibility issues, and much is dependent on the scripts used in a particular webpage. As we are aware that most smart mobile devices (eg. iPhone, Android phones) do not support flash technology, our websites do not contain flash.

Other than web browsers’ compatibility, the issues (in using the functions) may be due human error (ours) or resulting from updating/upgrading of our software/scripts in this website. We do perform maintenance / upgrading works from time to time.

Some of problem Issues that may arise are:-

  • printing issue through the print icon
  • email issue through the email icon
  • pdf issue through the pdf icon
  • certain fields do not appear in forms
  • cannot submit web-forms
  • webpage appears distorted
  • calendar may appear on top hidden from view (eg. in Internet Explorer).

If you face any issue, you may wish to try to use a different internet browser, or email us to let us know so that we can resolve the issue expeditiously. Do let us know which webform or the url to the webform to enable us to resolve the issue.

Your feedback is extremely important to us, as our objective is to keep this site as interactive as possible, but at the same time, useful and user friendly to our many users.