Who have priorities to apply to be the Administrator in Letters of Administration?

In Singapore, the priority for applying to be administrators for letters of administration is set out in the Intestate Succession Act (ISA) and the Probate and Administration Act (PAA).

If the deceased person left behind a valid will, the executor(s) named in the will is given priority to apply for a grant of probate. However, if there is no valid will, the following persons have priority to apply for letters of administration:

  1. surviving spouse or spouses
  2. children of the deceased
  3. parents of the deceased
  4. siblings of the deceased
  5. nephews or nieces of the deceased
  6. grandparents of the deceased
  7. aunts or uncles of the deceased

If there are multiple persons within a priority group, they have equal priority and can apply together. If there are no living persons within the above categories, the Public Trustee may be appointed as the administrator of the estate.