When can I submit hardcopy LPA instead of LPA Online at OPGO?

Exceptional Situations for Hardcopy LPA #

Following the launch of the Office of the Public Guardian (‘OPG’) new online system, OPG Online (‘OPGO’) in November 2022, all Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) must be made online via OPGO by default

Hardcopy LPAs certified after 14 November 2022 may be accepted for registration only under specific exceptions as prescribed in the Mental Capacity Act listed below, and are subject to the Public Guardian’s approval:

  • The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is unable to use OPGO due to his/her physical disability or other circumstances;
  • The online system is unavailable for a prolonged period;
  • The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee does not have an electronic device to receive messages via SMS to create and access his Singpass account/National Digital Identity (‘NDI’); or
  • The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is not eligible for a Singpass account/NDI.

If the Donor wants to make a hardcopy LPA, he must highlight the above exceptional situations where hardcopy LPAs are allowed. The exceptions are stated in the hardcopy form as well. If the Donor does not fall within any of the exceptions, the application will be rejected. Instead, please the Donor should make an online application.

If a hardcopy LPA is required, your certificate issue is required to confirm their eligibility to apply hardcopy LPAs by endorsing on the cover letter with the following additional statement:

I confirm that Donor falls under the exceptional situation(s) indicated above and is eligible to submit hardcopy LPA form.”

Otherwise, their LPAs will be rejected. Donors will need to submit OPG’s prescribed cover letter template together with relevant supporting documents. Please visit MSF/OPG website for its latest cover letter template.

For clarifications, please e-mail enquiry@publicguardian.gov.sg.

Costs for Hardcopy LPA Form 1 #

For our LPA’s certificate issuer charges, please visit our LPA’s fee calculator. We reserve our rights not to accept any engagement as a certificate issue for hardcopy LPA without assigning any reason.

Engaging Loh Eben Ong LLP #

Subject to our confirmation of engagement as a certificate issuer of your Hardcopy LPA, we require the following:

  1. The donor is agreeable to our estimated costs as a certificate issuer, which estimated costs are subject to change without prior notice. The costs may be adjusted upwards due to the complexity of the matter, change in circumstances and/or change in instructions.
  2. All donor and donee(s) must have good mental capacity to execute the LPA Form 1
  3. Hardcopy LPA is required due to one of the execeptional situations listed by OPG, and please note that the application is subject to the approval of OPG, and we do not warrant that the same will be approved upon submission.
  4. Prior to the attendance at our office to sign the Hardcopy LPA, the donor and the donee(s) must have duly completed the Cover Letter form Hardcopy of Attorney (LPA) Forms and LPA Form 1 (the latest version issued by OPG. Please note thet link to OPG LPA forms is subject to change by OPG, and if the link is unworkable, please locate the updated link to OPG LPA form at OPG’s website.
  5. For the purposes of the Hardcopy LPA, please note that all donor and donee(s) must each have a local mailing address to be completed in the LPA form. Please do not insert our law firm’s address as your local mailing address. Without a local mailing address, we are unable to assist you further in the matter.
  6. Upon due completion of the Hardcopy LPA Form 1, please email to our office for us to check the particulars together with copies of the identity documents of the donor and the donee(s). Please also forward it to your donee(s) and ensure that he/she/they consent to the appointment as donee(s). Please do not pre-sign the Hardcopy LPA Form as the donor and the donee(s) need to sign in the presence of the certifcate issuer.
  7. Please make an appointment at our booking site using Book for LPA Hardcopy link, and ensure that all donor and donee(s) are able to attend at the same time.
  8. During your attendance with your donee(s), please bring along the printed Cover Letter and Hardcopy LPA Form 1 duly completed together with the original identity documents of donor and donee(s), eg. NRIC, Passports.
  9. Upon signing of the LPA Form 1 before our certificate issuer, you will be required to forward the same to OPG yourself.