When can I submit hardcopy LPA instead of LPA Online at OPGO?

You may submit a hardcopy LPA only under the exception situations​ listed in Section 11(2A) of the MCA. The acceptance of any hardcopy LPA is subject to the Public Guardian’s approval.​

The execetional situations are listed below:

  1. The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is unable to use OPGO due to the Donor’s/Donee’s/Replacement Donee’s physical disability or other circumstances;
  2. OPGO is unavailable;
  3. The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee does not have an electronic device to receive SMS to create and access his SingPass account/National Digital Identity (NDI); or
  4. The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is not eligible for a SingPass account/NDI.

If the Donor wants to make a hardcopy LPA, he must highlight the above exceptional situations where hardcopy LPAs are allowed. The exceptions are stated in the hardcopy form as well. If the Donor does not fall within any of the exceptions, the application will be rejected. Instead, please the Donor should make an online application.