What is Power of Attorney for HDB Flats?

Preparing the POA #

If you are selling, buying or subletting an HDB flat in Singapore, you may need to handle certain attendances or sign various legal documents personally. If you are not in Singapore to do so, or have been hospitalised and unable to attend to these matter yourself, the best option is to appoint an attorney to assist you during your absence.

The Power of Attorney (POA) is required if you are unable to attend personally to these matters. To minimise inconvenience, it is advisable to obtain a POA before leaving Singapore. Notwithstanding the POA, there are still some documents that may need to be signed by you personally.

Typical documents to be signed by you for HDB transaction includes:

  • Option to Purchase
  • Application forms
  • Declarations forms
  • Legal documents, eg. Mortgage

Signing the POA #

The POA has to be signed by you in the presence of your solicitor. If you are already overseas, you must sign the POA in the presence of one of the following parties:

* If you are using CPF Ordinary Account (OA) savings to buy a flat, the POA must be witnessed and sealed/ stamped by an official from a Singapore Overseas Mission instead. You may visit the MFA’s website for more details on the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission.

Registering the POA #

After your POA has been signed, your solicitor will register the POA with the High Court Registry.

Submitting required documents to HDB #

Once the POA has been registered, you have to state this in the application form and submit the following documents to us:

  1. 2 certified true copies of the POA registered with the High Court by an Advocate and Solicitor, which will be retained by HDB. Alternatively, certified true copy from the High Court of the POA plus 2 photocopies, which will be returned to your solicitor after the Lease and Mortgage documents have been registered witht the Singapore Land Authority (SLA)
  2. A letter from the solicitor confirming that the standard format for POA provided by HDB has been used
  3. Certified true copy by an Advocate and Solicitor together with the computer printout with the High Court seal where POA has been registered through the Electronic Filing System (EFS)

Documents to be signed personally #

The POA cannot be used for the signing of the following documents, which you must sign personally:

  • Application form
  • Statutory declarations (you must sign in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public)
  • Any undertakings