What if my identity number stated in the Certificate of the Notary or Consulate Officer differs from that stated in the Power of Attorney?

When you sign your Power of Attorney overseas, the Singapore Consulate Officer or the Notary Public (as the case may be) may issue a Certificate of attestation. In the Certificate, the officer may indicate your Passport number instead of your NRIC No. as stated in your Power of Attorney, which may result in the rejection of your Power of Attorney by the High Court.

For example, assuming the POA states your NRIC No. S1234567A, but the Certificate states your Passport No. E234567G without indicating your NRIC No. S1234567A, then the High Court may reject your POA.

Hence, after signing your POA overseas, it is important to check the certificate to ensure that the Certificate’s stated identity number is consistent with that of your POA.