What documents to submit and how do I submit my LPA to OPG?

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The following are documents to submit to Office of Public Guardian:

  1. Completed LPA Form 1 or 2 (as the case may be)
  2. Completed Application Form
  3. Clear photocopies of NRICs (front & back of NRIC) / Paspport(s) of Donor (YOU), Donee(s) and Replacement Donee(s) [if any]

After checking that the above documents are in order, you can post the completed froms to Office of Public Guardian using the Business Reply Service (BRS).

Business Reply Service (BRS) #

From 1st September 2014 till 31st August 2016, OPG has collaborated with SingPost to provide free postal service for applications to OPG.

BRS-labelled envelopes will be sent to OPG at no charge to the sender.

  1. You may download the BRS mailing label to print and then affix on your C4-size envelope.
    i. Guide on how to print the BRS label correctly Guide to BRS Mailing Label
    ii. To print the BRS label, click this BRS Label.
  2. Alternatively, OPG has sent BRS envelopes to the following locations:
    a. Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) centres
    b. Social Service Offices (SSOs)
    c. Community Centres/Community Clubs

You are advised to call these specific centres or offices to check on availability of the BRS envelopes before making a trip to collect the envelopes.

Caution Note: the information herein stated may have changed and you should check the latest laws, procedures, policies and other matters with tyour lawyers or Office of Public Guardian.

[Source: Office of Public Guardian]