Types of Change of Names

Typically, the following are the main categories/types of name change by way of Deed Poll (not exhaustive):

  1. Add First Name Only, eg. adding ‘John’ to existing name of “Loh Kee Wee”, to become “John Loh Kee Wee”
  2. Add and/or Change Given/First Name, eg. changing from existing name of “John Loh Kee Wee” to new name “Adam Loh Kee Song
  3. Change Surname Only and No Change to Given Name, eg. changing surname from ‘Loh’ to ‘Tan’, ie. from “Loh Kee Wee” to “Tan Kee Wee”
  4. Change Surname and Add/Change Given Name, eg. from “Loh Kee Wee” to “Tan Kee Wee, John“, where “Loh” is surname and “John” is given name.
  5. Change of Ethnic Characters only in Singapore pink and blue identity cards, eg. from 王慧 to 王慧 without change in name in English. According to ICA, Deed Poll is not required. Note that change in ethnic characters must be consistent with the applicant’s race.

Apart from the above, there are variations, which include (not exhaustive):

  1. deleting/changing the hanyu pinyin name in brackets
  2. adding/changing/deleting Chinese characters
  3. deleting “S/O” or “D/O” from the name
  4. deleting “Bin” or “Binte from the name
  5. adding a Muslim name
  6. removing a Muslim name

In respect the persons changing, they can be as follows:

  1. adults, who will sign the Deed Poll personally
  2. minors, ie. under 21 years, who have or may not have NRIC issued, whose Deed Poll will be signed by one or two parents (as the case may be)

Please note that a Deed Poll cannot be used to change (1) your religion, (2) your race, and (3) your gender.

Notwithstanding our general guidance on name change, please note that your change of name is subject to the policies of ICA. If in doubt, please make your enquiries to ICA.