Specimen of Power of Attorney Signed Overseas

Introduction #

  1. The following is an example of two donors signing their Power of Attorney for Subletting of HDB flat overseas (outside Singapore), which consists of four pages. Please make sure that the seal, stamp, and certificate of the Singapore Consulate Officer or Notary Public do not contain any non-English words. Note that the actual document may differ from the specimen shown. For more information, please refer to the article on “How do I sign my Power of Attorney overseas?
  2. Upon receiving the PDF document, please review all details and contents. If everything is correct, print the document on good quality white paper (A4 size or closest) and make sure that the page numbers are visible. If there are any errors or inaccuracies, please contact our office to have the document corrected.
  3. If the Notary Public or Singapore Consulate officer issues a separate certificate that includes your name and identity number, please ensure that this information is consistent with the information stated in the Power of Attorney. If there are any discrepancies, the High Court may reject the document.
  4. The Power of Attorney should be dated on the day when the last donor signs the document.

Page 1 – Date and Initial or Sign #

Page 1 – Date of POA and donor to initial or sign

Page 2 – Initial or Sign #

Page 2 – Donor to initial or sign

Page 3 – Execution Page #

Page 3 – Donors to sign in presence of Notary Public or Singapore Consulate Officer

Page 4 – Attestation Page #

Attestation page – Notary or Singapore Consulate Officer to complete, sign, etc