SingPass Verification for Certified True Copy or Original of Document by Notary Public

Overview #

We are strengthening the integrity of our notarisation process, particularly for certified true copy or original of documents.

If our Notary Publc is requested to certify true copy/original of any document not signed in our Notary Public’s presence, we may require verification through SingPass if the signatory is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

If there are more than one signatories to a document, we may specify one or more signatories to verify by way of SingPass on the PDF copy of the signed document. We may reject the notarisation service if we are unable to authenticate the signature of a signatory on a document to be notarised without assisnging any reason.

Typical documents required for Notary Public for verification include:

  • directors’ resolutions
  • shareholders’ resolutions
  • signed certificate
  • signed power of attorney
  • translation document
  • signed agreement
  • educational certificate (from third party institution) – client may need to attest to authenticity using SingPass

Documents Required for SingPass Verification #

To facilitate the SingPass verification process for Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident only, please provide the following items via email:

  1. PDF of the signed document to be notarised.
  2. Full name of the signatory.
  3. NRIC number of the signatory.
  4. Email address of the signatory.
  5. Mobile number of the signatory.

Verification Process #

Upon receiving the necessary documentation and information, we will initiate a document signing verification through the Court’s eLitigation service. The signatory will receive an email from the eLitigation system with detailed instructions on how to proceed. It is essential to whitelist emails from and to ensure all communications are received without any issues.

Signing Instructions #

The signatory must follow the instructions provided in the eLitigation email to sign the PDF document using SingPass. For detailed guidance on how to execute this step, please refer to our help article How to Sign.

Finalisation of Notarisation #

Once the signing process is successfully completed through SingPass, our office will proceed with the notarisation of the document.

Information on Document Signing Service #

To find out more about our document signing service, please refer to our help article Document Signing Service Using SingPass.