Should I inform the Banks, and other private institutions of my new name?

As your name (in English characters) in your identity card may have changed, it is advisable to notify the Banks and private institutions or bodies which you have dealing with of your new name. For verification, these institutions may require sight of the original Deed Poll.

As a matter of policy, we do not assist client to notify any third party, such as banks, schools, employeers, etc. The onus of notifying such change of name lies with you.

For Banks, it is suggested that you bring to any branch of the Bank in Singapore your new NRIC and the original Deed Poll (with a copy for the Bank).

For other types of institutions or entities, their requirements may vary, and some may be able to accept a scanned copy of your Deed Poll, or some may require sight of your original Deed Poll. You are advised to contact them for their requirements.