Sample letter of revocation of Power of Attorney to the donee

To revoke a Power of Attorney, the donor should review the provisions of the instrument to check if it permits revocation of the Power of Attorney by way of express written notice or similar being given to the attorney/donee.

Alternatively, if revocation of the Power of Attorney is required to be by way of a formal Deed of Revocation to be signed and to be deposited/registered at the High Court, then you should engage a lawyer to assist you.

In any revocation, it is important that your donee/attorney is aware of your revocation, and you may wish to obtain his or her acknowledgement to your revocation. Otherwise, your donee/attorney may continue to act pursuant to the Power of Attorney without your knowledge and such acts continue to bind you.

Below is a sample notice of revocation strictly for reference and general guidance only, and it should be edit or amended to suit your actual requirements.

Sample Notice of Revocation (*edit accordingly)

[Donor’s letterhead]

[Donee’s Name]
[Donee’s Address] *Registered Post/Certificate of Posting/Email

Date: [date]

Dear [Donee’s Name],


I/We am/are writing to revoke the Power of Attorney dated {date of instrument} (Case no. HC/PA XXX/YYYY) which I/we have previously granted to you. As of the date of this letter, your authority to act on my/our behalf pursuant to the said Power of Attorney is hereby terminated and shall no longer be valid.

Please note that this revocation is effective immediately and I/we expect you to surrender original documents that were given to you as part of the power of attorney arrangement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me/us.

Please acknowledge receipt of this notice of revocation upon your receipt.

Thank you for your past assistance.


[Donor Name(s) and Signature(s)]

cc *Housing Development Board (HDB), [Branch Office]
- please be informed of my/our revocation of the aforesaid Power of Attorney.


This sample is provided on an ‘as is’ basis, and no representation or warranty is made on its correctness or accuracy, and if you wish to rely on it, you are using it strictly at your own risk. None of the contents in this artilce shall be deemed as legal advice and you should seek a practising lawyer for legal advice.