My UK Lawyer wants to know the authenticity of the Notarised document

We do get requests from foreign lawyers, banks or agencies (recipient) who have received our notarised documents, but wish to verify with us if the notary service was actually provided and/or the authenticity of the appointment of the Notary Public. Usually, upon our clients having received our notarised documents, the notarial services have been duly completed and concluded. We do assist in such response from time to time.

Time & Cost Involved #

Recipient’s request for verification will incur our time, effort and expense in:

  1. Review and perusing the request (eg. in the form of an email, phone call or fax)
  2. Checking our archive documents for the relevant document
  3. Preparation of a response to the request, either by way of an email, fax, phone or letter

Verifying Notary Appointment #

The appointment of Notary Public in Singapore is made by the Singapore Academy of Law. Please request your lawyer or requesting party to verify our Notary Public’s appointment at this link:-

Singapore Notary Public Directory

In the above webpage, please do the following:

  1. Select “Notary Public” under ‘Type’ option, and
  2. In the dropdown list of “Firm Name”, select “Loh Eben Ong LLP
  3. Under our law firm name, you wisll see our Notary Public’s name “ONG Eng Tuan Eben”

Self-Verification at SAL #

Recipient or interested parties can do their own verification for the following:

  1. a Notarial Certificate issued in Singapore on or after 1st October 2019; or
  2. an Apostille issued on or after 16 September 2021.

To do an official verification, please visit SAL’s Verification of Apostille/Authentication Certificate or scan the QR code on the Notarial Certificate to conduct your search.

Requesting for Verification #

If an interested party still wishes to verify with us and wish to communicate with our Notary Public, please note that additional fee may be incurred as additional work will be done. However, we may waive such fee at our sole discretion and as a gesture of goodwill.