My documents have been rejected by the Embassy, what should I do?

Our office will assist you in preparation of the notarised document up to Notarial Certificate, and thereafter, you will need to bring the notarised document to Singapore Academy of Law to obtain the Apostille (which has been paid in advance).

If your notarised document is to be further legalised after Apostille, prior to approaching a Notary Public, you should check with the relevant embassy or consulate office on its procedures and policies for legalisation and whether it requires any specific format.

Once you have your notarised document together with the Notarial Certificate and Apostille, you may proceed to legalised at the relevant foreign mission in Singapore.

Please note that different embassies, high commissions and consulate offices have different policies, and procedures and these change from time to time. For a listing of foreign mission in Singapore, please visit MFA’s Foreign Representative to Singapore. Regretably, we are unable to advise you on a specific embassy’s procedures and policies as there are hundreds of embassies and consulate offices in Singapore.

If your notarised document for legalisation has been rejected by the foreign mission, the costs and expense (eg. Notarial and Apostile fees) will be wasted, as you may not be able to reuse the notarised document again.