Miscellaneous Property and Conveyancing Services

Apart from acting in the sale, purchase or mortgage of a property, there are other various Conveyancing services relating to your property, such as (not exhaustive):

  1. Application to Note Change of Name – where an owner has changed his name and wish to update his name in the title deed, ie.
  2. Notice of Death filing – where a joint tenant has passed away
  3. Replacement of title deed – where the original title deed is lost
  4. Severance of Joint Tenancy – to sever the joint tenancy of a property between the joint tenants
  5. Tenancy in Common to hold as joint tenants – convert tenancy in common to joint tenancy
  6. Transfer of Property to beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate in accordance with testate or intestate succession
  7. Transmission Application on Death of Registered Property (TAD) – to transfer the property of a deceased to the executor(s) or administrator(s) of the estate