If my child (minor, more than 1 year old) has no Identity Card yet, how can I use the Deed Poll to reflect his/her new name?

Amendment to the name on the child’s Birth Certificate (BC) will not be allowed after 1 year from date of birth. Please check with ICA on its policies

Should parents wish to change the child’s name, they may obtain a Deed Poll to effect the change. After change of making a Deed Poll for your child, you should notify ICA as soon as possible so that your child’s new name is updated in ICA’s records, or ICA may require you to amend the Deed Poll based on its policies.

The Deed Poll should be produced together with the BC for official transactions (eg. school registration, application for passport etc) for the new name to be reflected. The Deed Poll should also be produced during the child’s IC registration for the new name to be reflected on the NRIC.

When you changed your child’s name by way of a Deed Poll, please note that ICA or other relevant authorities have no knowledge of the change of name unless you notify them.

If the child has a NRIC, then you should effect the change of name in his IC within 28 days from the date of the Deed Poll.

If the child has no NRIC at the time of making the Deed Poll, it is advisable to change or endorse the new name in the child’s passport at the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA), or update his birth record at the Registry of Birth at ICA.