I wish to oppose my wife’s Writ of Divorce

It is advisable to consider if you wish to remain married to your wife, and also the ancillary issues relating to the children, property and maintenance.

You should not oppose simply because of emotion, pride or anger, as opposition to a divorce will lead to unwanted consequences, such as  acrimony, emotional distress, increased legal costs and expense.

If you wish to defend the divorce, you should ensure that you followed the proper court procedures by defending the divorce. You should file a Memorandum of Appearance and a Defence within the relevant time period.

If you simply ignore the Court case, the Court may decide the application without you. You may find that your marriage has been legally ended, and that certain orders have been made on the children, property and maintenance. These orders will still be binding on you even if you were not at the Court hearing.

If you only wish to deal with the ancillary matter, you should file the Memorandum of Appearance indicating which issues you wish to be heard on. After the Interim Judgment, the Court will call an Ancillary Matters case conference, and ask you to file an Affidavit of Assets and Means.