I want to legalised at the embassy, do you know the procedures?

Our Notary Public is purely providing Notarial services, and legalisation (or legalization) at a particular embassy is not our responsibility.

It is entirely the client’s responsibility to find out the exact requirements from the specific embassy (eg. US Embassy or China Embassy) on the documents that you wish to legalised. Each embassy has its specific requirements and/or procedures, and please do check with the specific embassy before approaching our office for notary service.

The onus is on the client to find out the exact requirements, including the necessary forms or documents, eg. letter of authority for submission, translation of document, wordings in the Notarial Certificate.

When our office assist you in notarising your documents based on your requirements, we do not represent or warrant whatsoever that the specific embassy will accept your documents. If allegations are made against our office and/or notary public for not being conversant with a specific embassy’s requirements and/or procedures, we reserve all our rights at law or otherwise against such client when wrongful/negligent allegations are made.

Where work has been done pursuant to your requirements or instructions, but the documents subsequently rejected by the embassy for whatever reasons (eg. your translation not accepted by embassy), our charges paid cannot be refunded.