I just did a Deed Poll to change the name of my son who does not have a NRIC, what should I do?

A Deed Poll does not by itself automatically change the name of your child in the Singapore Government’s official records. Once you have signed a Deed Poll in our office and received the original Deed Poll, the onus is on you as the parent(s) to notify the relevant authorities and/or organisations (eg. ICA, Banks, Schools).

If your child does not have a NRIC or Singapore Identity Card, it is good practice for the parents to do the following (suggestions):-

(A) change the name of your child in the Passport or apply for a new Passport for the child and the new name will be updated at ICA records; or

(B) go to Registry of Birth at ICA to update the name with the Deed Poll (note that if your child is above 1 year old, you can’t change his name in the Birth Certificate, but just ICA’s record).

If the child has a NRIC or Singapore Identity Card, then you should attend at ICA to change his name within 28 days from the date of the Deed Poll.

Caution: This FAQ involves government’s policies and procedures, and we do not make any representation or warranty that the above is accurate or free of errors. Please check with ICA directly on their policies and procedures.