I just did a Deed Poll for my child, does it mean that ICA is aware of his change of name?

The Deed Poll is a physical document executed in a law firm, and the law firm has no obligation to communicate the change to anyone. The onus is on you to notify the various authorities of the change of nane.

If the child has a NRIC (identity card), you should change his name at ICA with the Deed Poll within 28 days from the date of the Deed Poll.

If the child has no NRIC (for those 1 year old and above), we strongly recommend that you should either:

  •  notify the Registry of Birth of the change so that ICA’s record is updated; or
  •  apply for a new passport for the child with his new name using the Deed Poll.

By notifying ICA of your child’s change of name, in the event there are issues in changing your child’s name via a Deed Poll, ICA will raise them at the time of your application to change your child’s particulars.

Otherwise, the relevant authorities, particularly ICA, will not be aware of the change of your chlid’s name vide Deed Poll.

Please note that even if your child’s Deed Poll has been accepted by the school, this does not mean that ICA will automatically accept the Deed Poll.