I have the sole custody of my child, can I still dispense with the consent of the other parent?

This is a common question where the parent having sole care and control, and custody of a child (under 21 years) wishes to change the child’s name and/or surname.

Based on ICA’s policy, both parents should consent to the change of the minor child’s name, save with exceptions.

The exceptions for one parent singing the Deed Poll are (1) she is the sole parent listed in the Birth Certificate, (2) he/she has an Order of Court empowering him/her to unilaterally change the minor’s particulars, or (3) the other parent has died and he/she did not appoint any guardian for the child.

Link: ICA Replace Identity Card (Change of Particulars/Damaged)

Notwithstanding that we have prepared the Deed Poll for changing of your child’s first name(s)/surname, we do not warrant or represent that ICA will effect the change.