I have lost my original Deed Poll, what should I do?

On the day of your signing of your Deed Poll in our office, the original Deed Poll would have been given to you. As a matter of policy, we do not keep any original Deed Poll of our clients.

If you have lost your original Deed Poll done through Loh Eben Ong LLP and do not have any certified true copy, you may apply for Lost Deed Poll CTC Online.

Notwithstanding that you had done your Deed Poll with us, we do not warrant that a copy of your Deed Poll is still in our archive, and all application is subject to discretion and our terms.

If your Deed Poll was done through another law firm, we are unable to assist you. In that event, please seek the assistance of that law firm.

If a copy your Deed Poll is found in our archive, subject to our approval, you may apply for certified true copies of your Deed Poll. For our cost and online application, please click on the relevant button below.