I have an air ticket issued in my old name, and I just changed my name in my IC, will my air ticket or travel be affected?

This is a common question asked, but in our opinion, there are no easy answers. For the most precise or accurate answers, please direct your queries to the relevant immigration authorities, airlines or travel authorities.

Updating Name in Passport #

Our advice is that if you are holding an air ticket in your existing name, you may wish to change your name after your have returned from your overseas trip. After your have changed your name in your NRIC withy a Deed Poll, prior to your next travel or booking of a new air ticket, you should update your name in your Passport to be consistent with your NRIC.

We will attempt to answer the various scenario, but caution that any reliance on our answers or opinions are at your own peril. As we are not the relevant authorities or body, we are unable to provide precise opinions.

Ticket in Old Name & Passport in New Name (IC in New Name) #

If you have an air travel ticket issued in your old name and you have already changed your name in your Passport to your new name, you may face problems at the immigration counter as the name in your air ticket differs from that in your passport.

Both Ticket & Passport in Old Name (IC in New Name) #

If you have an air travel ticket in your old name and your Passport is also in your old name (but your NRIC is in your new name), there is a possibility that you may or may not be be able to clear immigration. You should make your query to ICA. Note that the Singapore Immigration Officer may still query as to the inconsistency of your name in your Passport and your NRIC name and raise objection to your clearance (we are unable to know or advise as this is the immigration policy).

However, if there is a drastic change in your old and new name, you may be asked of the discrepancy in the names in your Passport and your NRIC at the immigration counter. You are strongly advised to update your name in your ticket and your passport to your new name before you travel.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, once you have changed your name in your NRIC, please ensure that your name in your Passport and travel ticket are conssistent with that in your NRIC before you travel. The onus is on you to procure the change of name in your Passport.