I am a single mother, and I want to change the surname of my child under 1 year old?

Typically, you do not need a Deed Poll to effect the change of name in a child’s birth certificate if the child is less than 1 year old. However, please contact ICA on its policies and procedures.

However, difficulty may arise if you are the only natural parent (mother) stated in the child’s birth certificate and the child’s surname is yours, and you wish to change the surname of the child to that of another person (eg. your boyfriend).

Based on experience (subject to error and caution), ICA may not allow (whether with a Deed Poll or not) the single mother to change the surname of her child to another person’s surname unless that other person takes a DNA test to evidence that he is the natural father.

You are strongly advised to seek ICA’s directions before engaging us to prepare your Deed Poll. If we have inadvertently prepared a Deed Poll for you based on your instructions and you have issues with the change, we will not refund any fee paid by you.