I am a Singapore PR and I wish to change my name with a Deed Poll, what are ICA’s policies?

For Singapore permanent residents, you will need to provide the following documents in digital images to ICA:

  • The page(s) of your current passport which contains your personal particulars (bearing new name if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (if you want to include your married name)
  • Your recent passport-sized, digital, coloured photograph taken within the last three months.

Singapore permanent residents with a change of name must first update the name on their current passport and provide a copy of the passport bearing their new name as a supporting document to change the name on the Singapore IC.  Prior to your application for a Deed Poll to us, please check with ICA if it requires a Deed Poll for you to effect the change in your name. Once a Deed Poll is effect per your request, even if ICA does not require the Deed Poll, there will be no refund.

Link: ICA Replace Identity Card (Change of Particulars/Damaged)