How to submit LPA Online at OPGO?

Before LPA Application #

Before your start your LPA application at OPGO:

  1. you should have a SingPass app installed on your phone
  2. you have obtained the consent of your Donee(s), and also have their particulars, such as full name, NRIC/FIN no., mobile no., address and email address.
  3. you should notify your Donee(s) that your Donee(s) also require SingPass app to be installed on his/her/their phone(s). This is for acceptance of the appointment as donee(s).
  4. if you are unable to submit LPA due to exceptional reasons, please read FAO Hardcopy LPA.

Access OPGO #

Please go to OPGO, and click Apply for an LPA. Please note that the steps in this page may vary, and this page is strictly for guidance only.

Click “Apply” button

Login Page #

At Login page, please login with your SingPass

Click SingPass

SingPass Page #

Please login with SingPass App or via Password Login

Please Login with SingPass

Update Your Profile #

You will access to your personal particulars page on your first login.

Prepopulated Particulars

Start Applying for LPA #

Click Apply Button

Step 1 – Important Inforrmation #

Please click button “Let’s Begin” to start reading important information

Click “Let’s Begin” button
Donees’ Requirements
Types of Powers
OPG’s Code of Practice
Appointment of Replacement Donee
LPA’s Fees (Excluding Certificate Issuer’s Fees)

Step 2 – Verify Personal Particulars #

Verify Your Particulars

Step 3 – Appoint Your Donees #

  1. Complete your Donee(s)’ Particulars, and you must have at least 1 Donee.
  2. In this section, you can select up to 2 Donees, and 1 Replacement Donee.
  3. After your have submitted the form, your Donee(s) will receive a notice via SMS and/or email for him/her/them to acccept the appointment at OPGO. Your Donee(s) will use his/her/their SingPass to log into OPGO to accept the appointment.
Input 1st Donee’s Particulars & select powers to be granted
Add 2nd Donee (if any)
Add Replacement Donee, if any
For for Personal Welfare, answer the question
For Property and Affairs. please read carefully and answer accordingly
Review your completed draft LPA carefully
Check ‘Box’ and Proceed to Notify Donee(s)

Steps 4 and 5 – Visit Certificate Issuer #

After all your Donee(s) has/have accepted the appointment, you will need to visit a Certificate Issuer (CI), such as lawyers in Loh Eben Ong LLP.

Our lawyers at Loh Eben Ong LLP agree to be the Certificate Issuer (CI) on the following conditions:

  1. you have applied LPA at OPGO and all Donee(s) has/have accepted appointment
  2. you have SingPass app installed in your phone, and able to access the app
  3. you have relevant mental capacity to make a LPA, and able to understand the nature and consequences of a LPA
  4. you are able to view a computer screen
  5. there is no apparent undue pressure or fraud to make the LPA by any third party
  6. you agree to our CI fee, including language fee for non-English speaking Donor
  7. our lawyer reserves his/her right to reject any engagement for any reason whatsoever, and an abortive fee may be charged if there is a deliberate suppression of information

If you wish to engage our Certificate Issuer for your LPA, you may check our fees and book an appointment (terms and conditions apply).