How to engage you for Power of Attorney for HDB Flats?

Online Submission #

If you wish to engage Loh Eben Ong to prepare your Power of Attorney for HDB Flat for prescribed formats, for your convenience, please apply for Power of Attorney HDB Online.

Please complete all particulars in our Online or App Form correctly and accurately. Incomplete Form or Form with errors will cause delay in processing your application.

Upon submission, you will receive an automated email response.

Payment of Charges #

Signing Overseas #

If you are signing overseas, we require full payment prior to processing your application.

Signing in Singapore #

If you are signing the Power of Attorney in Singapore, payment of our charges can be made when you attend at our office to sign the Power of Attorney.

Processing Time #

Please allow us about 1 to 3 working days to process your application. If you require the Power of Attorney urgently (same day or next working day), please inform us when you submit your application.

Book an Appointment #

If you are signing your Power of Attorney in Singapore, please book an appointment using our Online Booking System.

Signing of Power of Attorney #

Signing in Singapore #

After you have made an appointment, please attend at our office to sign the Power of Attorney in the presence of our lawyer. You have to bring your Identity Card when attending at our office. Your Attorney (or Donee) does not need to attend.

Signing Overseas #

We will send the Power of Attorney to you via email, and upon receipt, please check through all particulars carefully prior to signing. If there are errors, please email us to notify us and we will amend the document and resend it to you.

Once you have happy with the Power of Attorney, please print it in white A4 size paper (or closest size). On specimen on how to sign, please visit our How To section.

After you have duly signed the Power of Attorney before a Notary Public or a Singapore Consulate Officer:

  1. email us the signed document for us to check; and
  2. send the original Power of Attorney to our office to enable us to deposit a copy at the High Court of Singapore.

Link: Find A Singapore Overseas Mission

Confirmation to HDB #

Once a copy of the Power of Attorney HDB is duly deposited at the High Court, we will write a letter to HDB to confirm that we have prepared the Power of Attorney using the HDB’s prescribed format.

Collection #

For collection, we will send the original Power of Attorney in accordance with the “mode of collection” selected by you.

Please allow at least 7 working days from the date of your execution of Power of Attorney at our office or our receipt of your Power of Attorney from overseas to deposit a copy of the Power of Attorney with the High Court and thereafter, release the original Power of Attorney to you.