How to buy the Business Profile of a Singapore Company or Entity from ACRA BizFile portal?

What is a Business Profile? #

The Business Profile is an electronic report containing the business information which the entity has filed with ACRA. The Business Profile is required when opening a corporate bank account under the entity’s name, or as supporting document for applying licenses and permits.

Purchase Business Profile #

Go to Bizfile

Click “Buy Information” or “Search”

Input the Name or UEN of the company and then click “Search”

Click the “Business Profile” button

Click the cart button

Proceed to check out and make payment

Download Product

Upon payment, check your email to download the Business Profile. You will receive two files – (i) a PDF file, and (ii) an OA (OpenAttestation) file for product verification. Please email or upload both files to us.

Verify ACRA’s Business Profiles #

1. Scan QR code on the PDF document 
2. Access verification URL on the PDF document 
3. Upload an OA file at ACRA trustBar portal (ACRA’s verification service that helps you check if the document you’ve received is issued by ACRA)