How do I update my name in the title deeds of my property?

If you own an immovable property (private real estate or hdb flat), you may wish to update the name appearing in the title document of your property. This can be done after you have updated your new name in your Identity Card. You may enagage a law firm to assist you to submit an Application to Note Change of Name at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) with the original Deed Poll or certified true copy thereof (by a lawyer) as supporting evidence.

If Property is Mortgaged: #

If your property is mortgaged to a Bank, you may need to to request the Bank to temporarily release the title deeds (namely, the Certificate of Title, Subsidiary Strata Certificate of Title or Subsidiary Certificate of Title, as the case may be) to enable you to update your name in the title document at SLA. Your lawyer representing you will write to the Bank for its consent to release the original title document. This will incur additional legal fees as your lawyer will have to arrange for the Bank to temporarily release the title to your lawyer for the purpose of updating your name in the title.

I Wish to Engage Loh Eben Ong, what are your Charges? #

We do assist client to update his or her names in the title document. In order for us to notify you of our charges, please let us know if your property is mortgaged, and if so, who is the Mortgagee (eg. Bank).