How can I revoke an existing power of attorney in Singapore?

To revoke an existing power of attorney in Singapore, you can follow these steps:

  1. Deed of Revocation: Consider signing a deed of revocation, which is a legal document that formally cancels and revokes a previously executed power of attorney. It serves as proof of your intention to terminate the authority granted to the attorney.
  2. Execution in Singapore: If you are in Singapore, you must execute the deed of revocation in the presence of a practising lawyer based in Singapore.
  3. Execution Outside Singapore: If you are outside Singapore, the deed of revocation must be signed before a Singapore Consulate Officer or a Notary Public in the jurisdiction where you are located.
  4. Lodging the Deed: After executing the deed of revocation, you or your lawyers can lodge it at the General Division of the High Court in Singapore, referring to the case number of your existing power of attorney.
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