Guide for Post Probate Grant Procedures

Purpose of this Guide #

This Guide is applicable after you have obtained a Grant of Probate (with Will) or Letters of Administration (with Will Annexed or without Will Annexed) or Memorandum of Resealing and the Schedule of Assets (collectively, the “Grant”) in respect of the deceased’s estate. This information sheet is only a brief guide and strictly for information only and not intended to be comprehensive. The information provided herein shall not be construed as legal advice, and are subject to errors or inaccuracies. Please seek proper legal advice on your specific scenario. For the purposes of this Guide, the term “YOU” refers to the “Executor(s)” or “Administrator(s)” (as the case may be).

Documents Required (the “Documents”) #

(1) Certified true copy of Grant by our Lawyer
(2) Death Certificate
(3) Your Original Identity Documents [NRIC(s) or Passport(s)]

Properties (Real Estate) #

  1. If the deceased owned a property (eg. condo, landed, office), you may wish to consult a conveyancing lawyer on how to transfer the property to the executor(s)/administrator(s)/trustee(s) or the beneficiar(ies) (as the case may be). In general, you may need to lodge a Transmission Application on Death of Registered Proprietor (TAD) or a Transfer (to the Beneficiary / Beneficiaries).
  2. Where properties are mortgaged or charged, the Mortgagee’s/Chargee’s consent is required for any transfer.
  3. For HDB Flat, please furnish to HDB (1) the Grant, (2) Death Certificate, (3) Title Deed such as the Lease or SCT.
  4. No Sale or Disposal or Mortgage of property more than 6 years after death, unless with the sanction of the Court, or it is made in pursuance of a power of sale or trust for sale or mortgage expressly or implied contained in the Will of the deceased.

Bank Accounts #

Please visit the relevant Bank branches with the Documents to deal with the deceased’s bank accounts. Depending on the distribution of the deceased’s assets, a new bank account may be opened in the name of the estate (eg. “Estate of Deceased’s Name, deceased”) and all monies belonging to the estate may be deposited therein, and the account must be operated in the manner stated in the Will or in accordance with intestate law. Note that each Bank has its own policies on withdrawals etc.

Insurance Policies #

Please furnish the Documents (or copies thereof) to the Insurers.

Motor Vehicle #

You will require the Documents to make the Transfer of the Vehicle to the Beneficiary or Third Party. Subject to LTA’s policies, you must first transfer the vehicle ownership to your name(s) before they can transfer it to a third-party. For more information, please refer to this LTA webpage.

Shares in Public Listed Company listed at SGX #

Please visit the website if Central Depository (Pte) Ltd (CDP) at, or refer to its FAQ at > Transfer for Estate of the Deceased

Shares in Private Company #

Please furnish the Documents to the Company Secretary or check with your appointed Corporate Secretarial Agent or Accountants.