Grants Where Deceased Died Domiciled Outside Singapore

For application of grants of representation of foreign domicile deceased, rule 227 of the Family Justice Rules 2014 (RSC) are applicable.

Rule 227(1) of RSC: #

When the deceased died domiciled outside Singapore, an application for a grant can be made to the Registrar under the following conditions:

  • To the person entrusted with the administration of the estate by the court with jurisdiction where the deceased was domiciled.
  • To the person entitled to administer the estate by the law of the place where the deceased was domiciled.
  • If there is no such person or if the Registrar deems it necessary, to a person directed by the Registrar.
  • If the Registrar considers that a grant should be made to at least two administrators, to a person directed by the Registrar jointly with any person mentioned above or another suitable person.

Rule 227(2) of RSC: #

Despite the provisions in paragraph (1), if no application is made under that paragraph:

Rule 227(a) – Will in English #

Probate of any will admissible to proof may be granted:

  • If the will is in English, to the executor named in the will.
  • If the will describes the duties of a named person in terms sufficient to constitute him as an executor according to the tenor of the will, to that person.

Rule 227(b) – Immovable Property Only #

Grants Limited to Immovable Property:

Where the whole estate in Singapore consists of immovable property, a grant limited to that immovable property may be made in accordance with the law that would have applied if the deceased had died domiciled in Singapore.