Do you reply to our enquiries?

All enquiries and emails sent to us by our valued clients or users are important to us. As with any organisation, whether big or small, we have very limited resources, such as time and manpower, and have administrative constraints.

On a daily basis, we receive numerous emails and online enquiries. Occasionally, due to the numerous emails, enquiries and/or oversight, we may not have read your enquiries, and therefore, fail to reply to your enquiry. In that event, we sincerely apologise for our lack of response.

Due to our constraints, do note that we are only able to reply to enquiries which we think are relevant and/or those matters that we are able to assist you. At times, we may deem an enquiry as spam, scam or fraudulent, and hence, we will not respond.

It is regrettable that we are unable to offer any legal advice via emails or telephone calls. We do not offer free legal advice, and should you have any query in respect of any issues within our areas of practice, please arrange for a Legal Clinic or legal consultation subject to payment of legal fees.

If you have sent us an email or enquiry and did not hear from us or receive a delayed response, we sincerely apologise. For your ease of engaging us, we would suggest that you use our online features (eg. quote and online submission) through our various websites and SG Lawyers Mobile App.