Do you qualify when you certify true copy of an original document?

Unless we are requested to write to the issuing authority subject to our charges to authenticate the document, our Notary Public will sight the original document produced by the client.

In certifying true of a copy by our Notary Public, our Notary will qualify that he does not endorse, verify or make any statement as to the accuracy, truth, legality or otherwise of the contents of the document(s) or the purposes for which the document(s) may be used and the person relying on the certification, you should verify the authenticity with the issuing authority / organisation / entity.

We do not qualify for documents that we have no problem with the authentication issue, such as Passports, Singapore NRICs, Employment Pass, Work Permits and Singapore Marriage Certificates.

Typically, we will qualify for documents such as educational certificates and transcripts, bank statements and contracts.