Common Terms in a Will

Below is a list of commons terms relating to a Will

  • Testator: The person who makes a will.
  • Beneficiary: As its name suggests, this refers to someone who “receives an inheritance through a will.
  • Executor: The person you appoint to carry out the actions in your will.
  • Guardian: Someone you appoint to be legally responsible for a minor.
  • Codicil: Typically attached to the original will, a codicil makes additions to your original will, explaining, modifying, or revoking the will or part of it.
  • Probate: The legal process through which a court examines, approves and carries out the terms of a will is known as probate.
  • Wills Registry: A national database where you can deposit information about a person’s will, such as who drew up the will and where it is held. It is operated by the Singapore Academy of Law.