Can I revoke or cancel my Lasting Power of Attorney?

You can cancel your Lasting Power of Attorney after it has been registered if you have the mental capacity to do so.

You must submit your cancellation to the Office of the Public Guardian. You should notify the Donee(s) and anyone else that you may have informed about the LPA that it has been cancelled.

Apart from your cancellation of your LPA, it will be cancelled and the appointment of the Donee will be terminated in the following circumstances:

  1. you or your donee dies.
  2. your donee lacks mental capacity to act as a donee.
  3. your donee declines the appointment as a donee.
  4. there is a divorce between your donee and you, applicable if your donee is your spouse and you have not stated otherwise in your LPA.
  5. you or your donee becomes a bankrupt or if your donee is a licensed trust company, the company is liquidated, wound up, dissolved or under judicial management (Note: this applies to the property & affairs donee only).
  6. a Court order is made to cancel the LPA or your donee’s powers – this can happen if your donee has not acted in your best interest.