Buy Property in Singapore

Purchasers are usually more anxious as they may be unsure of the Conveyancing process in a property transaction. To a lay person, the Conveyancing procedures may be quite confusing, and there are various contractual or legal issues that a buyer of a property should consider before purchasing a property.

Please visit our Property FAQ for more information. It is advisable to engage a law firm prior to entering into a purchase (except for purchase of uncompleted properties from Licensed Developer). Your lawyer will usually conduct initial searches such as the title search on the property and bankruptcy/winding up search on the Seller, and will advise you on the terms and conditions of the Option to Purchase, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Tender or Auction terms.

If you are using your CPF Funds to part-finance the purchase price or for housing loan monthly instalments, please note that CPF Board will engage another law firm to act for them in the CPF Charge, and such costs and expense will be borne by you. We will however assist you in the CPF Fund application, and act for you in the CPF Charge.

If you are obtaining a loan from a Bank (or Finance Company) to part-finance the purchase price, you may wish to check with them whether they may engage our firm in the same Mortgage transaction (same representation). We are usually appointed by many local/foreign Banks/Finance Companies to act for the them in the same Mortgage transactions (subject to minimal conflict of interest), and in that event, there will usually be costs savings to you. If there are separate representation, the costs and expense (borne by you) will usually be higher.