After your receipt of the signed POA, what is the processing time at the High Court?

After you have signed your Power of Attorney (POA), we will file a copy of it with the High Court in Singapore, and it typically takes about 1 to 5 working days for the court to accept the document from the date of filing.

Upon receipt of the signed POA, we will file the same in PDF using the eLitigation system. Once the court has accepted the submitted POA, it will issue a case number in this format: HC/PA 1234/YYYY.

For POA signed before our lawyers (ie. in Singapore) or Singapore Consular Officer (ie. outside Singapore), the court will accept the POA (in PDF format) without any physical inspection of the original document.

For POA signed before a Notary Public (outside Singapore), our office will have to physically bring the original POA to the High Court’s registry for inspection. Once the court is satisfied that the POA has been properly signed before the Notary Public and there are no irregularities (eg. non-English words), it will proceed to accept the POA.