What do I need to bring when I attend at your office?

If you are an Adult, please bring along your original Singapore Pink Identity Card (NRIC) / Passport / NS Green IC, or Singapore Blue Identity Card (for Singapore PR).

For Minor (child under 21 years), the Parents who are signing the Deed Poll has to bring his/her IC or Passport, and the Minor’s original Birth Certificate to evidence the relationship. If the Minor has an identity card, please also bring it along to our office.

If the Minor’s Birth Certificate is not in the English language, the Parent shall bring the original Birth Certificate with the certified English translated version.

If one parent is signing for a Minor’s Deed Poll, except that he/she is the sole parent mentioned in the Birth Certificate, he/she has to bring along either (1) death certifcate of the other parent, or (2) Court Order empowering him/her to unilaterally change the name of his/her child.