How can I revoke my Lasting Power of Attorney after registration?

General #

Generally, you can revoke your Lasting Power of Attorney any time so long you have the requisite mental capacity.

You will need to follow the procedures prescribed, generally:

  1. Sign a Revocation Form as prescribed by Office of Public Guardian
  2. Notify every Donee of the Revocation
  3. Notify the Public Guardian of the revocation
  4. You may also wish to give notice of the revocation to any person that you have previously informed about the LPA (eg. your bank or other financial institution, CPF Board, etc).

What You Must Do #

Sign the Revocation Form. You may download the form from OPG Forms and complete it and sign, and follow the instructions accordingly.

Notify Every Donee #

  1. This is a requirement of the Mental Capacity Regulations (S105/2010)
  2. Unless the Donee has notice of the revocation, he may be protected if he acts under the LPA when the Donor loses capacity

Notify the Public Guardian #

  1. This is a requirement of the Mental Capacity Regulations (S105/2010)
  2. Submit in person to the Office of the Public Guardian
    (a) the completed revocation form
    (b) the cancellation fee ($25.00) and
    (c) the following items for cancellation –
    > the original LPA; and
    > any office copy.

What Public Guardian will Do? #

  1. The Public Guardian will cancel the registration of the LPA if he is satisfied that the donor has taken the necessary steps to revoke the LPA. The Public Guardian may require the donor to provide further information or produce such documents as the Public Guardian considers necessary.
  2. The Public Guardian will give notice of the cancellation of the registration to the donor and each donee.
  3. The LPA Reference Number of the revoked LPA will be uploaded on the List of Revoked LPAs on OPG’s website.

[Source: Office of Public Guardian, Singapore]